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SHRUBS - Deciduous

Red Flowers

Our Complete Deciduous Shrub Line

 A. Waldbart & Son's Nursery Deciduous provides each shrub we carry with specs & pictures .

Image by Jan Haerer

Abelia Kaleidascope

Abelia Rose Creek

Aronia Low Scape Mound

Barberry Concorde

Barberry Crimson Pigmy

Barberry Rosy Glow

Barberry Sunjoy Citrus

Barberry Sunjoy Tangelo

Beautyberry Peal Glam

Burning Bush Unforgettable Fire
Burning Bush

Butterfly Bush Black Knight

Butterfly Bush Blue
Butterfly Bush Miss Molly

Butterfly Bush Miss Ruby

Butterfly Bush Miss Violet

Butterfly Bush Pink
Butterfly Bush Pink Delight

Butterfly Bush Pugster Amethyst

Butterfly Bush White

Cotoneaster Tom Thumb

Crapemyrtle Dynamite

Crapemyrtle Hopi

Crapemyrtle Pocomoke

Crapemyrtle Tonto
Crapemyrtle Zuni
Diervilla Kodiak Black

Dogwood Arctic Fire

Dogwood Ivory Halo

Drift Rose

Forsythis Lynwood Gold

Forsythia Showoff

Fothergilla Mount Airy

Hydrangea Alice

Hydrangea Annabelle

Hydrangea Bobo

Hydrangea Endless Summer Crush

Hydrangea Firelight
Hydrangea Glowing Embers
Hydrangea Incrediball

Hydrangea Limelight

Hydrangea Little Lime

Hydrangea Little Quick Fire

Hydrangea Pee Wee

Hydrangea Pinky Winky
Hydrangea Quick Fire Fab
Holly Berry Poppins

Holly Mr Poppins

Itea Little Henry

Lilac Bloomerang

Lilac Scent and Sensiblity Pink

Lilac Dwarf Korean

Lilac Miss Kim

Ninebark Diablo

Ninebark Summer Wine Black

Ninebark Tiny Wine

Oso Easy Italian Ice

Privet Golden Ticket

Quince Double Take Scarlet Store

Rose Drift Apricot

Rose Drift Coral

Rose Drift Lemon
Rose Drift Peach
Rose Drift Pink

Rose Knockout Double RedRose

Rose of Sharon Blue Satin

Rose of Sharon Lil Kim

Spirea Double Play Candy Corn

Spirea Double Play Doozie

Spirea Magic Carpet

St Johns Wort Sunburst

Sumac Gro-Low

Summersweet Hummingbird

Summersweet Ruby Spice
Viburnum Blue Muffin

Viburnum Burkwood
Viburnum Chicago Lustre

Viburnum Fragrant
Viburnum Leatherleaf

Viburnum Spice Girl

Weigela Midnight Wine

Weigela Sonic Blooms Pink

Weigela Wine and Roses

Willow Dappled
Weigela Spilled Wine


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